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If you have read my other posts you know I am self employed and was born with only one kidney.  I can not purchase self employed medical insurance.  I am what is considered uninsurable.  But my new medical issue, cancer, isn’t one to be put off.  It’s urgent and without immediate care, I will die.  I have 7 kids, and the youngest is only 6.  I’m just not done yet.  It’s not optional, I have to find a way to get better.

I spoke with several doctors and nurses and did some research.  I kept coming up with the same specialist’s name.  I called his office and scheduled an appointment.  His office manager called me because I of my self pay status.  She told me the inital visit is $285, but I have to get some insurance.  Really?  Not only do I have one kidney, I now have cancer.  You have got to be kidding me.  HOW does that work? This woman saved me a ton of time and research.  She knew exactly what to do.

There is a little known federal program called Pre-existing Conditions Insurance Program.  If you have pre-existing conditions you can get insurance through this program.  IT IS NOT EASY, but you can get insurance.  The problem is it takes a long time to get it.  Unless you know the right people.  Well, I didn’t’ before, but I was introduced to the right people.  But thanks to a lovely woman working for the American Cancer Society, my application was sped up so I could have insurance to help cover my surgery.  There is a little known rule that you can have it start a month early IF you ask them to.  It’s not mentioned on their website anywhere.

Basically, if you apply the end of May, your insurance starts July 1.  Unless you ask them in writing to start it a month early.  And yes, a fax counts.  BUT you need to be speaking to someone specific and have them help you walk it through.

There are two different payment options, one has lower payment but higher deductable, the other lower deductable but higher payments.  Do the math, figure out what works best for you financially for an entire year. I took the higher payment and lower deductable option.  For me, it’s the best way to go.

If you are looking for insurance and have pre-existing coditions, go to pcip.gov and take a peek.  It may or may not be for you, but honestly, it’s saving my life.


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