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Yep, it’s that time of year again. Most years I make resolutions like everyone else, honorable, crazy, unreachable goals. So the past two years I changed my mind. Instead of stuff that sounds good but only annoys me in the end, I thought I’d keep it simple. Set a goal and accomplish something I will be proud of, and actually work hard to make it happen.

The last few years economy has been hard on us. I ended up putting things on credit that I never would have before. Cutting back, reducing debt and learning how to repair things myself, without paying a handyman has been huge, just to stay afloat. So I decided to get rid of one bill at a time. I picked the largest one (other than the house), the car payment. Not having that one payment has made things much simpler to handle each month. It was a major effort, but totally worth it. It felt like I had climbed Mt Everest.

So this year’s resolutions are not always simple, but achievable.

Weight… we all want to loose some. It’s like breathing, but the reality is not as easy as it sounds in all the diet ads. So instead of coming up with something crazy like loosing 80 lbs, so I can look 12 again, I’m going for 10 lbs. It’s something I can do and maintain for a year. If I loose a little extra, great. But I’m not going to kill myself over it.

Finances, this year the biggest goal is to pay off the credit cards. Yep, that’s plural, 2 of the things with monthly payments as high as the old car payment. That will make my budget much easier to handle. Plus, on my statement it says in black and white.. if I make minimum payments each month it will take 16 years to pay this card off, and that’s not reasonable. So I need to find a way to pay them off by the end of 2012. I will feel better, my credit will improve and I won’t be paying it off forever more. Not sure where the cash will come from yet, but I’ll find a way.


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