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Politics amaze me. And people get so passionate about it all. The world is falling apart because BOB is such a lousy president/senator/governor/congressman. Now I am not one to sit around with rose colored glasses, and I’m pretty sure our country needs some serious work. But there is no way one person alone can fix everything wrong with our country. It’s going to take a concerted effort from everyone involved rather than drawing lines in the sand or pointing fingers without acting on issues. But I find it hysterical when people are so easily lead to believe the notion that “Everything wrong with the world today is Bob’s fault. Kick the sorry SOB out of office, and it will all be perfect again.” I mean, really, it must be true because they said so on tv, and you know that politicians NEVER lie! And the news is NEVER slanted!

There are so many details that go into today’s issues, there is no one person that can fix it all, not even BOB! No magic bullet. It will take a serious hard look at the issues and some serious will power to put the fixes into place. No matter how good the sounds bites are, no single person caused it all and no single person can fix it all. And BOB may be an amazing person, but good intentions and a nickle…. well it won’t even get you a cup of coffee anymore. Let’s just look at my favorite issue and use it as an example. Public schools.

Have you ever noticed that candidates like sound bites so much, they pick one theme and harp on that issue alone, as if it’s some magic pill that will cure all ills. Some candidates say it’s because we don’t allow prayer in schools. Others say it’s lack of money we taxpayers are willing to share. Some others say its because of poverty. Other’s say it’s the Unions fault. Anyone hear about the 1%? The list of excuses goes on and on. But no one wants to really get down to the real issues and fix them. They don’t make good sound bites. The reality is our schools have declined over a long period of time, and there is plenty of blame to go around. Pointing a finger at BOB and blaming him won’t fix it. Voting for BOB won’t fix it either. It may change it, but don’t fool yourself, there is no magic bullet. The only cure is hard work.

Is it the system? The teachers? The students? The parents? Where does the blame lie? Or is it a combination effort that goes so much deeper than most people are willing to look? Lack of personal responsibility? Lack of pride? Lack of true teachers who have been stripped of the ability to actually teach what students need to learn?

I live in Texas. Let’s look at teachers “fantastic benefits” that most believe that teachers get in order to make up for lower salaries. Here, they tell teachers they can’t have their pension if they collect their husband’s Social Security benefits when they retire. Seriously! Apparently Texas teachers don’t pay SS from their paychecks. Not sure how that works or why they don’t, but they don’t. So the state believes it’s doing the taxpayers a favor by limiting their benefits during retirement. Really? If I have a job, irregardless of my husband’s income, I get paid for my job. My income isn’t based on my husbands income. Neither is my pension or my savings or my social security. Teaching is the ONLY career that seems to take a husbands income into account. Can we say gender discrimination? And why is it that all teachers get the same pay? Where is the motivation in that? Pay them what they are worth. Pay should be based on performance based on annual reviews. Excellence should be rewarded by better paychecks. Truly, money can be a motivator, yet this simple fact has been forgotten. And if Sandy makes 6 figures but Bob only makes $50k, maybe Bob needs to pick up the pace or look for a different job.

Getting rid of tenure would go a long way towards fixing those issues. I can name 3 teachers in youngest daughter’s elementary school that would be let go if tenure wasn’t an issue. No other profession in the world keeps poorly performing employees because they are forced into it. Let’s start with one teacher who is just waiting out her time so she can retire. She actually told all the little girls they have to wear shorts under their dresses. Sounds reasonable until you hear the rest of what she tells the girls, “because nasty boys will look up your skirts”. Does this sound like a good thing to tell little girls? My little one has 5 brothers.. she thinks they are nasty because they fart in the kitchen. But none of them look up her skirt. The world would have been a better place if this nonsense had NEVER come out of that teachers mouth. And yes, she is one on the short list, except she can’t be fired! Why? BOB? NO! Tenure.

And one of my biggest pet peeves. Discrimination. Here we are, 2012 is right around the corner, and we are still struggling with this issue. And discrimination is not only perpetuated, but even taught in our schools. During Black History month, my son was told everyone they discussed during the month was a black historical figure. I guess she forgot that George Washington’s birthday was in the middle of that month, and the teacher didn’t mention that he was different. My son came home and told me that he wanted to be black because our first president was black and it was really cool to be black. Ummm, uhhhh, sorry honey, our first black president is Obama. The teacher was angry when I mentioned it to her because “everyone knows that if you don’t say the color of the person, they are automatically white”. Huh? So instead of using a teaching moment to slow down prejudice, she injected her own prejudices to the kids. She was an angry woman, who is also on the short list. Obviously BOB’s fault.

Prayer in schools… moment of silence. Who cares? The issue here is not to encourage religious preference. In other words, stop promoting discrimination. Since we are supposed to separate church and state, why is religion in school? And if religion is discussed at all, give them all equal time or mention none of them. Otherwise it’s promoting discrimination. I guess what I am really saying is don’t stop singing Christmas carols, then turn around and teach Kwanza and Haunaka celebrations. All or none. It’s just that simple.

Political correctness anyone? Cutting out Valentines cards is just political correctness going too far, but that’s what one school district did here in Texas. For example, charging a 6 year old boy with a crime for kissing a 6 yr old girl on the cheek. Since when is it a stunning newspaper worthy crime for a 6 year old boy to actually find himself in puppy love. I don’t want the schools social agenda taught to my child… that’s my job. Stop wasting time with social agendas and teach more math and science.

There is such a combination of problems here, yet everyone is pointing fingers at Bob, the evil politician. And there are people who fall into the trap of believing such nonsense. I’m sure it’s BOB’s fault that little Johny is failing school. After all, who really has time for all that homework nonsense in today’s modern age of video games and over scheduled after school activities. Damn it BOB, that child needs to play, and you better make sure he’s educated too!

But don’t worry, next October is an election year! And it’s going to be just fine! JUST VOTE FOR BOB… he will fix EVERYTHING.


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I have a salon, I have been a hair dresser since the mid 80’s.  I have 7 kids who have friends and teachers and friends parents. I have met a lot of different people over the years, and I truly never cease to be amazed by all the funny things they tell me.

But sometimes there are some really serious conversations that just need to be shared. There is a man who is relativity new in my life. A good, kind, polite gentleman, I have known him for 5 months now. Today he decided it was safe to tell me his secret.  He started this conversation with “I figure you aren’t the judgmental type.”  Then he proceeded to tell me he is gay and in a long term relationship with his partner.  I am not surprised he’s gay, nor am I worried about it.  He hasn’t told his family, and he’s scared.  I hurt for him.  In today’s society we are supposed to be open enough and educated enough to know that not everyone is the same, and that’s ok.  So why did he feel he needed to  wait?  OUCH! It says entirely too much about our society.

Another blogger named Dan, wrote a fabulous story about this very issue.  It’s called “I’m Christian, Unless you’re gay”  If you have a chance to read it, it’s well worth the time.



Have a great weekend!

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I thought it was best to introduce myself since this blog is new.  I have 7 kids, and yes, a man that helps keep me sane some days, but he’s also my oldest child on others.  Some of our kids are grown now and some are still at home, but after spending years raising them, I thought it would be interesting to share some pieces of our lives here.  We have an interesting mix, mine, his, ours, adopted, biological…. it works for us and we are happy that we have such a large bunch of fun, perfect, sane, insane, crazy happy mixed up bunch of people in our world.  5 boys, 2 girls and 2 dogs, just to keep things interesting.

He writes software, and I own a small hair salon, so we have a little of everything going on all the time. I’ve found in this odd world, it’s important for us to support each other and try to build each other up. Crazy important. I tend to be a bit sarcastic, so if things seem totally off, sometimes you should look for the sarcasm dripping from my keyboard.

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